assalamualaikum wbt..
salam sejahtera..

selamat datang !
have a happy blogwalking here..:)
keep in touch..stay tuned..^^,

*so sorry if i wrote in sms-ing ways..:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

..meet 1 crazy person..

huh..2day no hye or salam..

do u want 2 noe why?!..
coz aqu BENGANG y amat ngn sowg mamat dr negara ntah mana..huh..
*not from malaysia..okay..

this person is really crazy..
what the hell..
serabut nk mampus..
CRAZY+SIOT+BODO+K*****G+K****T n so much worse words 2 him..

he is really annoying..
BENCI aqu..


he's the first person that i hate most..
he's the first person that really &%*@$%&%


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