assalamualaikum wbt..
salam sejahtera..

selamat datang !
have a happy blogwalking here..:)
keep in touch..stay tuned..^^,

*so sorry if i wrote in sms-ing ways..:)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

..shop with mak..part 1

salam alaik sume..

epi x arie nie?!..
hope epi2 saje..hehe

i'm in epi mood..

cause i'm having such a nice day with mak..yesterday..

mak..thanx ea..u're a great mother ever..no one can replace u..i'm really grateful u're my mother..love u..<3

Friday, December 24, 2010


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YEAY!! will be back home in less than two days more..:)
*mak..ayah..adeq..sedara2..tggu along balik tau..=)

p/s; sowy if my english is broken..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

..time to change..

salam alaik..

what to change?!..


start the next post..insyaAllah..i'll try to change the format for my post..

i would like to make it more real..

i want to put somethin weird..weird?!..x weird mana r..

maybe i'll put footnote or tukar gaya bahasa or write in full sentences..not in sms-ing ways..hehe..or add up some advanced info..


i'll try..

please support me my dearest friends..:)


salam alaik..



actually kn..suda agak lama i tak tengok citer hindustan aka bollywood..
agak kerinduan gak..

klu aqu tgok citer hindustan nie..mesti aqu nangis..
klu x kuar setitis air mata..mmg x sah..


actually..i would like to replay mohabbatein..the most emotional movie*just in my thought..hehe

..hate it..

salam alaik sume..

sejahtera sume..

just nk ckp..

..what i interested at are already own by other..

really hate this..:(

could u please give me somethin which is only belong to me?!..
*mnx ngn muka seposen..B)