assalamualaikum wbt..
salam sejahtera..

selamat datang !
have a happy blogwalking here..:)
keep in touch..stay tuned..^^,

*so sorry if i wrote in sms-ing ways..:)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

..hate it..

salam alaik sume..

sejahtera sume..

just nk ckp..

..what i interested at are already own by other..

really hate this..:(

could u please give me somethin which is only belong to me?!..
*mnx ngn muka seposen..B)


future said...

yg ni x fhm sgt..is it pasal that baju kurung?yg sme ngn pilihan ht 'encik' tu yg sy pon x dpt tgk tu? =p

fat_tia said...


it is all about something that i want but belong to other..

*random statement..not for that baju kurung je..:)