assalamualaikum wbt..
salam sejahtera..

selamat datang !
have a happy blogwalking here..:)
keep in touch..stay tuned..^^,

*so sorry if i wrote in sms-ing ways..:)

Monday, May 9, 2011


salam alaik sume..

da lama rasa nya sy tak sentuh blog sy ni..
sorry ye..:)

just want to wish..

epi mother's day..!!
dedicated to all mothers in this world..

not today is only the mother's day..but everyday is mother's day..
just appreciate her..*nasihat pd diri sendiri jua..:)

apa yg along nak ckp cuma..
i'm sorry for everything..along minta maaf tuk sume kesalahan along..
since along baby until along da besa..but i'm always be ur baby..:)

i thanked a lot to u..for every single thing u do..
terlalu byk tuk along berterima kasih kat mak..sume nya..all..!!

once again..THANK YOU MAK..!!*i'm always calling u mommy/mama..

all good words represent u..u're the perfect lady..love u a lot..<3*kiss kiss

p/s.., love ur mom like she love u..insyaAllah..:) may Allah bless u mommy..^^

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